Summary of capabilities Alpha Turbine Aviation Technology, LLC

The engine repair center will assist you in the design of customized services to suit your specific requirements; we are dedicated to safety, reliability, and the highest quality workmanship.  Alpha Turbine provides MRO services for the JT8 series and the JT8-200 series engines and a full range of engine accessories, in accordance with our capability list.

Our experienced and highly trained technicians and engineers are committed to provide you with the highest quality service and spare parts support in aeronautical industry.

To ensure a competitive service we have committed to reduce unforeseen turnaround time.



  • FAA: The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for the safety of civil aviation.
  • INAC: National Institute of Civil Aviation in Venezuela
  • EASA: The European Aviation Safety Agency is the centre piece of the European Union’s strategy for aviation safety
  • ISO9000


Production Line : An assembly line is designed by determining the sequences of operations for manufacture of each engine component as well as the final Engine. Each movement of material is made as simple and short as possible, with no cross flow or backtracking. Work assignments, numbers of machines, and production rates are programmed so that all operations performed along the line are compatible.

Our production line:

-Assembly, Subassembly and Disassembly, We pay particular attention as to the condition of your engine at teardown. All Ad’s and other factory directives, are complied with and noted.  We also perform routine final line mechanical installations of large sub assembly aircraft engine components.  Not a single wire, bolt and nut must be missing in order to ensure safety and comfort of our client’s passengers.

-Detail and Surveillance Inspection: By employing an efficient workforce and developing the most productive maintenance workscopes we work to improve on-wing durability and reduce non-scheduled events or requirements.  An intensive visual examination of a specified detail, assembly or installation.  It searches for evidence of irregularity using adequate lighting and, where necessary, inspection aids such as mirrors, hand lends, microscopes, borescope, flexible fiber optic borescope, video imagescope, etc.  for the surveillance the surface cleaning and elaborate access procedures may be required.  A visual check that will detect obvious unsatisfactory conditions/discrepancies in externally visible structures.  It may also include internal structure which is visible through quick openings.

-Cleaning Process: sand blasting process, the corrosion is detected, treated, and with our wash process carbon buildup is minimized and operating efficiency is maximized.

-Non Destructive Test Performance: a fast and effective level III NDT can detect cracks or any other irregularities in the engine components which are obviously not visible to the naked eye.  That way we shorten the amount of time of inspection for each engine component.

In order to maintain the aircraft defects free and ensure a high degree of quality & reliability and as a part of inspection program, usually following NDT methods are applied;

1) Liquid penetrant 2) Magnetic particles 3) Eddy current 4) Ultrasonic  6) Visual/Optical

Among our state of the art equipments we count with modular work stations, small parts test unit, automated test system and all necessary portable equipment, stationary and portables magnetic flux machines, Impedance plane display, linear time base display, A, B and C scans, Magnifying glass, mirror, microscopes, borescope, flexible fiber optic borescope, video imagescope.

Alpha Turbine heads itself where the aerospace industry is leading in the world for innovation of new materials and fabrication technique regularly to improve safety, efficiency & reduce cost. At the same time inspection techniques are also being developed to monitor their integrity and increase the use of new development techniques.

-Welding:  the welding approval covers and process cracks and build up known weak areas of engine components, according to FAA standards.

-Machine Shop: our machine shop uses state of the art equipment. We overhaul and / or repair an aircraft engine to precise new limits with calibrated machinery and equipment. Our experienced machinists provide the best in quality workmanship.  Engineering, design, reverse engineering and application needs of clients can be considered in the machining of repair and/or new or replacement parts.


-Paint: our complete process includes complete disassembly of all removable components, absolute removal of all existing paint and corrosion, and expert application of corrosion protection, primer, basecoat, and clear coat if applicable.

-Rotorshop: Balancing refers to the balancing of inertia forces acting upon engine parts. For balance to be achieved, the vector sum of the inertia forces must be zero. This means that for every force there must be an equal and opposite force.  Every moving engine part is either Dynamically balanced or Static Balanced, An engine which has been balanced will run smoother, will have increased torque and horsepower. These engines have increased reliability.  At our MRO we performs Static and Dinamic Balance: Dynamic balance is performed by spinning the shaft. Since an unbalanced inertial force increases as the square of the speed, spinning the shaft magnifies the amount of imbalance to a measurable level.
Static balance is the balance of forces due to the action of gravity. Static balance involves weight matching and balance beam matching of components. If the center of gravity of a crankshaft does not lie on the mechanical axis, then the crankshaft will turn until the center of gravity is directly beneath the mechanical axis.
The difference between static and dynamic balance is that dynamic balance not only balances inertia forces but also centrifugal couples. Both static and dynamic balance only affects first order vibrations.

-Fuel Nozzles Department: our in-house department performs the necessary calibration so the continuous flow fuel injection system accurately delivers a precise amount of fuel as needed for combustions.  With all of our specialized equipment we make sure that the inserts of fuel nozzles are in the correct diameter to meet the flow requirement specified for the engine.

-Bearings Department

-Test Cell Facility, is owned by Alpha and was installed since 1992 and recently brought up to speed enduring a major correlation process, performed by Pratt and Whitney in accordance to 541 standards, as recommended by the FAA to every Test Cell Unit in South Florida.  This recently renewed Test Cell located in Miami International Airport is equipped with advance control and instrumentation systems, providing accurate and updated engine diagnoses, with a capacity up to 25,000 lbs of thrust, and is capable of testing all Pratt & Whitney JT8 and -200 Series engines.  During all this time this facility has reassured flight safety and enhance maintenance quality, efficiency to all our clients.  It certainly symbolizes a big leap for South Florida aeronautic industry.

-Stock Room: holding over 20,000 of square footage in owned inventory.  Consider the amount of logistics planning and execution involved in having the parts at our respectively assembly department on time, now imaging it having most of them in-house.

-Purchase and Repairs: we strongly focus on parts repair wherever we can avoid costly replacements.  We want to convey to our clients all the advantages and benefits of working with in organized environment where controlling the cost is a paramount without sacrificing security and quality.

-Field Support: with an engineer as a head coordinator,our dedicated field maintenance team also provides on-site support. Our field maintenance team is fully equipped with the proper tooling and technical background to keep your engine in service and operating to the highest level of safety.


  • Human Factors Training
  • Aeronautical Products
  • FAA and International Regulations and Policies.
  • Specialized Trainings – OJT
  • 140 hrs of specialized training
  • Industrial Security
  • Bilingual Customer Support 24/7.


  • More than 100 engines overhauled
  • More than 250,000 cycles produced
  • More than 125,000 flights flown
  • Almost 14 Million of passengers transported with our thrust.